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The following letter is in the
wrong style. Rewrite the
underlined phrases to make it
sound more formal.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing regarding your advertisement in the September issue of ‘Sporting
News’ for English-speaking ski instructors in Italy during the winter holiday
season. I really fancy doing this kind of work.
I am 18 years old and completed my secondary schooling this summer with
satisfactory grades. I shall be commencing university in October, studying Sport
and Physical Education. But that’s not all. I also got my CSIA Level 1 ski
instructors’ certificate in Canada last winter, when I attended a five-week
course there. This means that I won’t have any problem teaching skiing from
beginner to early intermediate levels. I am a native English speaker and also
have reasonably fluent Italian.
Your advertisement states that instructors would be teaching school groups. I feel
that I would be suitable, since I regularly supervised excursions with younger classes
during my last year at secondary school. Therefore, I think that this experience will
come in very handy when it comes to teaching kids.
Please find enclosed my CV and a letter of reference from the Canadian ski
school. I hope you get in touch soon.
Yours faithfully,
Arnold Thompson
Main Body
Read the rubrics. Answer the questions. Choose one task
and write your letter/email. Use the useful language.
Who is going to read your letter/email?
Do you know the person you are writing to?
Why are you writing the letter/email?
How will you start/end your letter/email?
Useful language for letters/emails of application (for a course)
Opening remarks:
I would like to apply for admission to the …/I
would like to be considered for …, etc
Closing remarks:
I would appreciate a reply at your earliest
convenience./I look forward to meeting/hearing from you./I enclose
further details of my…/I hope that you will consider me for …, etc
Useful language for letters/emails of application (for a job)
Opening remarks:
I am writing with regard to …/I am writing to
apply for the … which I saw advertised in …, etc
Closing remarks:
I would appreciate a reply at your earliest
convenience./I enclose my CV and I would be glad to attend an
interview at any time convenient to you./I look forward to hearing
from you in due course …, etc
Read the rubric. Underline the
key words. What is your letter
going to be about?
Read the model letter. Match the
headings to the paragraphs.
opening remarks/reason(s) for
documents enclosed, closing
experience/reason for wanting
to attend the course
You would like to attend a summer
course to improve your English.
Write a letter applying for a place
on the course (140‒190 words).
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing in connection
with the foreign students’ programme
you run during the summer season. I
would like to apply for a place in order
to improve my English.
I am 18 years old and I have
just finished high school. I was an
excellent student with grade As in all
my subjects. The extra‒curricular
activities I took part in included sports
as well as volunteer work. I am fluent
in French but my English is, I am afraid,
intermediate level.
My good grades allowed me
to get a scholarship to attend a highly
respected university overseas, but I
really need to improve my English in
order to be able to cope with the
demands of my subjects. Therefore, I
would be grateful if you could send me
further information on your
programmes and consider me for a
I have enclosed my CV as well
as reference letters from my teachers. I
look forward to hearing from you at
your earliest convenience. Please do
not hesitate to contact me if you need
further information.
Yours faithfully,
Pedro Torretti
You have seen the following advertisement in the Cambridge
Evening News:
Write your letter (140‒190 words).
Small book shop specialising in foreign languages seeks reliable
and friendly assistant to work over July/August. No sales
experience needed, but good organisational skills are required.
Apply by email to John Wheatcroft at
Write a letter of application for a place at Sheffield University to do
a course in Information Technology (140‒190 words).
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