Wishes Revised Leaflet - page 69

What features make this place
special? How does the writer
justify her opinion? Complete
the table.
Read Jim Harris
s notes. Use
them to write your letter for
rubric B.
I am a member of the youth centre
and writing to nominate Charles
Adams for the Teenage Personality
of the Year Award
caring, kind and hardworking
person – cares for the elderly and
the environment – organised
neighbourhood clean-up and
recycling day – is a volunteer at
the local old people’s home –
dedicates his weekends and free
time to helping people in his
neighbourhood and caring for the
very interested in local affairs –
recently attended an evening
course in community volunteering –
takes active interest in
environmental issues at school –
introduced and organised School
Recycling Scheme
is an example to the teenagers of
our community – deserves to win
the award
When you have finished your work, exchange with a
partner. Evaluate his/her piece of writing. Think about the
• Discuss & Write
Read the following rubrics (A‒C). What type of task is each
one? What style are they to be written in? In an appropriate
style, choose a task and write your answers. You do not have
to include addresses.
Has all the information asked for in the rubric been included?
Is the letter/email easy to understand? Does it flow?
Are the paragraphs clear and in the correct order?
Are the beginnings and endings in the correct tone/style for
the intended reader?
Does the letter/email contain any information that isn’t
Is the style the same throughout the letter/email?
Has a variety of vocabulary been used instead of repeating the
same vocabulary?
Are there any errors in spelling or grammar?
You have received this email from your English pen‒friend
Write your email (140‒190 words).
I’m thinking of giving up college to study drama
full‒time. My parents don’t agree with me.
Any advice?
An elderly neighbour is visiting her sister for a few weeks. You
have offered to take care of her house while she is away. Write
a letter giving news of what you have been doing and ask if
there is anything else she would like you to do (140‒190 words).
As president of your school committee, you have been asked to
write to Peter Selby, a well‒known environmentalist, asking him
to give a talk at your school. Write a letter inviting him,
suggesting what environmental problems he might include in
his talk, and asking if he would need any special equipment
(140‒190 words).
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