Wishes Revised Leaflet - page 12

a) Which sports can you see in the
pictures? Which is your favourite one?
How do you think people benefit from
doing sports? Use the ideas to tell your
Listen to a person discussing
the above questions. Which of your
points does he mention?
a) You are going to read an
article about a man who
grew up with a heart defect
and overcame his illness to
compete in the London
Marathon. Six sentences have
been removed from the
article. Choose from the
sentences A‒G the one which
fits each gap (1‒6). There is
one extra sentence, which
you do not need to use.
b) Is the text narrative or
A healthy mind in a healthy body.
In groups, discuss
the proverb.
Text completion
Read the text through, then read the list of missing sentences.
Start fitting the sentences into the gaps. Match the topic of the
missing sentence with the topic of the sentence before and after
each gap. Look for clues such as reference words (
etc) or linking words before or after each gap. Check that the
sentence you choose fits grammatically and makes sense.
Read the completed text to see if it makes sense.
Sports are a great way to keep fit.
Team sports teach us how to work
together to achieve a common goal.
Sports teach us to deal with success and failure.
Sports teach us to balance competitiveness.
Sports bring people together.
Sports help us relax.
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